You entrust your project to the safe hands.

Heartgrenade is a team with rich experience in IT and graphic projects. We mostly do web systems and mobile apps.
Our company is also experienced in the production of systems financed from the investors' and European Union funds.

We can blend into every trade and every project is factorized by us. We are finding potential problems by ourselves, advising solutions others may just overlook.
Our role is not only to 'do' project, but also to share our conceptual and business experience.

Excellent code quality, professional graphic design and efficient project management is what makes us a perfect business partner for your company.

Let's detonate our heartfelt ideas. We are the Heartgrenade.

Our offer includes:

Enterprise systems:

  • Business activity optimization systems (incl. complex realisations from concept to implementation)
  • ERP/SaaS/CRM systems
  • IT systems integrations
  • Technologies we use:
    PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Python, node.js, AngularJS, React, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

WWW applications

  • Projects for start-ups with investors' funds
  • Projects financed from the European Union funds
  • Dedicated graphic design and ux mock-ups
  • Websites - based on our custom CMS system or on Wordpress

Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

  • Integration with WWW systems and external APIs
  • Geolocalisation, integration with maps
  • Real-time notifications
  • On-line chats

IT Outsourcing

Looking for IT specialists?

We provide professional IT outsourcing services:

  • Outsourcing IT: delegating IT professionals to long-term contracts to work in the Client's team
  • Virtual teams: creating interdisciplinary IT teams for Customer's needs. Teams are composed of programmers, project managers and designers. This is a great solution for quickly and effectively increasing the Customer's IT potential.

How it works?

  • Flexibility in selecting staff: we have a rich base of specialists, which allows us to comfortably choose the right people for the projects, according to the needs of our clients.
  • Experienced people: all our specialists have senior experience (4-5 years of experience), which gives our clients the assurance and stability of the project team.
  • Effective remote work: for many years we have been implementing complex projects in a 100% remote environment, which is why we are an experienced and reliable partner that helps build and monitor the remote team.
  • Technologies in which our programmers code: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, .NET (C#), Node.js, React.js, AngularJS, Javascript, Android, iOS (Objective-C/Swift), Windows Phone

Contact us:

Phone: +48 516 535 603

E-mail: contact@heartgrenade.eu

Firm data:

ul. Jabłoniowa 15, 80-175 Gdańsk
NIP: 113-255-05-48
REGON: 222-05-01-80
Nr konta: 31 1140 2004 0000 3502 6131 3001